• VIP networking opportunities: Participate in 16+ hours of networking, helping you build and cement business relationships and explore new ventures.

  • Exhibition: Leading solution providers can showcase their latest innovatons, products and services to Government officials and project holders.

  • One-to-one business meetings: Meet regional Government officials and project holders who have already expressed an interest in your solutions and services.

  • Keynote presentations: Global solar experts help attendees understand and overcome the challenges in building a sustainable solar industry.

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Why Central & East Africa?

he summit is focused on business development and invesment opportunities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to a recent report published by the United Nations, Africa’s renewable energy sector will be worth USD 57 billion by 2020. Click on the countries to see their respective targets and statistics.


Targeting 16.9 GW of solar power by 2030


Population= 45 million. Targeting electricity accesss to over 70%; currently available to only 13.9% + Duty free import for solar


Targeting 30,000 solar water heaters by 2017


Worldbank project of household solar panels worth USD 183.8 million


Population= 67.8 million. Targeting electricity access to over 60%; currently available to only 11.1%


Electrical capacity = Over 1,400 MW

Total renewable energy input = Over 500 MW


Targeting installation of 82,000 solar photovoltaic systems and 100,000 solar water heaters in rural areas by 2020


Download the Global Energy Network regional overview report


25 industry expert speakers including…

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What we find very encouraging in the Gulf region, in Qatar particularly, is that there are focused efforts to develop solutions that are effective specifically in this part of the world. We particularly like events where there is a high level of knowledge and insight from credible parties – what we see here at QAEIS is a very high quality assemblage of people contributing to the progress of the clean energy sector.
Director Biofuel Strategy, Boeing